portrait photographer from Mount vernon, WA

PHOTOGRAPHS that tell a story & capture who you are in this moment of your life.

Hi! I'm Carri.

I've been a photographer for a combination of three years. Capturing individuals, couples, and families, as their unique selves. Striving to take photos that tell a story, but with a touch of magic.

Specializing in: Portraits, Boudoir, & Fantasy Photography

Photography is an art where you can view yourself in a whole new light and do anything.
why be ORDINARY?


Dianna H.

“Carri thank you so much for these beautiful pictures. I can't get over how well they turned out. Thanks for making my boys and I look good. If anyone needs pictures even with pets, check out Creations by Carri. She did such an amazing job with our crazy boy. He really took the spot light.”

01 / 09

Let's capture what makes you: You.